Hhippehrtelhia | Julián Cruz + Nora Barón + Carlos Fernández-Pello

Hhippehrtelhia was a show with work by artists Nora Barón and Julián Cruz, dealing with the concepts of excess, mutation and exuberance. It was also an event that took place inside the hollow walls of the gallery. On Thursday, February 20th, at 19.00 hours, Marijke Appelman, Julián Cruz, Nora Barón and Carlos Fernández-Pello gambled and different degrees of authorship in an illegal card game that took place in the negative space of the exhibition. The inner breadth of the two columns along with a table, a table cloth and some chairs, served as scenario to a secret event around KWARTET II, a project by Marijke Appelman and Koen Taselaar. Appelman was first and Cruz was last. The prize for Appelman consisted in having full control of the curatorial text included in the publication -where she did a spanish cover of one of her works (a narrative with all the titles of the works on show)- and to advertise her new card game. The penalty for Cruz was that his works on catalogue were be decided by the rest.